Welcome to our online Ministry information page.  Here you will find general information about each BSBC Ministry and its associated leaders. Click on the icon and it will take you to the specific page.

Benevolent Ministry

Benevolent Ministry is to perform acts of benevolence to persons in need.

Bereavement Ministry

Offer prayer and assistance to families.

Brotherhood Ministry

To support the pastor in promoting the vision of BSBC.

Deacon Ministry

The deacons functions as an assistant to the pastor.

Christian Education Ministry

We strive to ensure that each learner is nurtured.

Discipleship Ministry

To ensure members/non-members understand salvation.

Music and Fine Arts Ministry

Our mission is to worship and glorify God through music.

Deaconess Ministry

A deaconess is a woman of strong Christian integrity

Evangelism Ministry

To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Ministry

Assist the Pastor in structuring, implementing, and promoting Prayer.

Resources and Referral Ministry

Provide resources and referral information with emphasis on helping members.

Youth Ministry

Our mission is to provide an age appropriate environment for all our children.

Scholarship Ministry

The Scholarship Ministry is designed to assist/support high school and college students

Transportation Ministry

Transportation Ministry provides transportation to members and non-members who wish to attend the worship services.

Usher Ministry

Our purpose is to broaden, enlighten and inform persons of Christian Service in the church.

Women's Mission Union Ministry (WMU)

Every woman becomes a member of as a result of joining the church.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry impacts the lives of the members and community.

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