Annual Food Basket

The BSBC Benevolent Ministry would like to extend their sincerest gratitude for your continued support of the annual food basket drive.

Below is the 2018 Thanksgiving/Christmas Basket List:

9/16 Green Beans & Corn

9/23 Black-eyed peas (can) and green peas

9/30 Vegetable oil & grape jelly

10/7 Jiffy cornbread and pork & bean

10/14 Cake & Icing

10/21 Tuna and Rice

10/28 Pinto beans (bag) and Macaroni and Cheese

11/4   Sugar and Cornmeal

11/11   Flour and Syrup

11/18 Cranberry Sauce and Chicken Broth

11/25 Cornflakes and Oatmeal

12/2 Mustard and Salad Dressing

12/9 Cranberry Sauce and Chicken Broth

12/16 Flour and Sugar

You may also contribute to the benevolent offering, give names of recipients to Keith Dixon and/or a Deacon or Deaconess.

Thank you and God bless your efforts.

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