Christian Education Ministry

At BSBC we strive to ensure that each learner is nurtured, educated and equipped to live a life that reflects the love of Christ. Through a holistic approach, our Christian education ministry is responsible for fostering the learner’s spiritual growth through education, fellowship, outreach and worship for the purpose of kingdom building. By offering opportunities to learn, grow and empower others, we seek to provide an educational environment that will stir up a desire to seek after God in a more excellent way. We will accomplish this by growing our congregants of all ages through means of bible study, training and enrichment activities, which provides a caring, supportive and loving environment, with the goal of developing the total person, spirit, mind and body.

Since the Christian Education Ministry co-labors with other ministries within the church, with the purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the fullness of Christian love and attributes toward others, the following are areas of ministry covered by the Christian Education Department: Fulfillment hour (Sunday school), Bible study, Parents Prep Academy, Vacation Bible school, Youth explosion, adult bible classes, and Teacher development through Annual workshops and Training meetings. We also work with all ministries within the church that teaches their members.

Through various facets of educational expression, we provide age appropriate classes for every age group from 0-5 year old, to senior members. We provide a fertile environment in which the seed of the Word is sown and matured in the learner.  Our hope is that this educational investment will produce a faith-filled life and fruitfulness that will advance the Kingdom of God.  Whether you are a seeker, student or scholar, we invite you to connect with us.

If you would like to learn more about this dynamic ministry, please contact Deacon Sam Brown, Jr., Director of Christian Education for more information.

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