Deacon Ministry

The deacons functions as an assistant to the pastor and serve the needs of the members of the church.  The deacon should always be ready, prepared and available for opportunities to service Christ.  They should be willing to assist and investigate the needs of the people and/or a person that reported in need, act promptly.

 At BSBC all members are assigned to a deacon.  Your deacon is available to pray with you and assist you with a variety of matters.  It is important that our deacons and church members Stay Connected!  If you don’t know your assigned deacon, please contact the Deacon Ministry to ensure that you and/or your family are assigned to a  deacon.

List of Deacons

  • Michael Glover, Chairmen
  • Arthur Campbell, Co-Chairman
  • Ransom Miller, Jr. Chairman-Emeritus
  • Henry Adams
  • John Black
  • George Bland
  • Sam Brown, Jr.
  • Larry Coats
  • Charles Jackson
  • Vonel Knight
  • L. Cliet Marzett
  • Ransom Miller, III (Honorary Deacon)
  • Raymond Pickett, Sr.
  • John Reed
  • Joseph Smith
  • Dorsey Wardsworth
  • John Wright


Michael Glover
Arthur Campbell
Ransom Miller
Henry Adams
John Black
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