Music and Fine Arts Ministry

Our mission is to worship and glorify God through music; uphold the church’s respected and honored heritage of music with a traditional focus, while also introducing various styles of sacred, contemporary, praise music, drama and dance interpretations of the highest quality to stay relevant in our worship. Foster the growth and expansion of the BSBC Music and Fine Arts Ministry so that it will serve the church’s goals. Will minister to and educate all ages and talents the  congregational enthusiastically support and enhance the activities of the church; understand the purpose of singing, privately study God’s word to be purposeful and be effective ministers of music and strive daily to live a life pleasing to God.


Organizations within the Music and Fine Arts Ministry:

  • Adult/Youth Praise Teams
  • Big City Chorale
  • Male Chorus
  • Mass Choir
  • Mime Praise
  • Praise Dancers
  • Women Chorus (WMU)

Music Ministry Leadership

  • Director of Music & Fine Arts:  Joseph R. Smith
  • Head of Mass Choir:  Joseph R. Smith
  • Head of Youth Mass Choir:  Danielle Payne
  • Adult Praise Team:  Joseph R. Smith
  • Youth Praise Team:  Brittany Lee
  • Women Chorus:  Barbara Braswell
  • Male Chorus:  George Bland
  • Mime Ministry:  Samaya Brown
  • Spiritual Dance Ministry:  Devin Payne
  • Spiritual Flag Corp:  Anne Alford
  • Directors:  John Black; Denise Booker; Jessalyn Conner; & Coilette Smith
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