Resource and Referral Ministry

Mission:  Provide resources and referral information with emphasis on helping members build success through proactive involvement.  Reduce short notice reactive involvement in crisis.  Keep members up to date on relevant issues and where needed, provide referral to appropriate resources to resolve issues.  Establish relevant initiatives/programs to address member issues such as health and wellness (physical and mental), education, employment, voting, and others as needed.


Primary Focus:  Provide accurate and timely information so members can make more productive decisions, obtain needed services, and reduce wait time in getting help.  The ministry is not designed to establish rooms for services, gyms, clinics, etc. but provide referral information to these resources.  When applicable and practical, the ministry will conduct special events, demonstrations, services to assist church members when needed. Programs this ministry provides support to are Health and Wellness, Drug and Alcohol, Tobacco, Voting and Employment. All programs, services, and events will be properly coordinated with the Ministry Chairperson, Resource Advisor, and/or Core Leader, with final approval by the Pastor.

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