Special Interest Group

Our goal is to give our boys and men the guidance and knowledge we have to help them succeed in life and Christianity; with the intent that no one is lost in this world or from heaven.

Monitor young men lives of this church in Christian spiritual growth while never going against their parents’ wishes. There are many boys growing into young men in Bethlehem Star. They receive the best of religious training under, Fulfillment Hour (Sunday school), Bible Study and of course the preaching and teaching of our very own pastor Rodney Payne.  Deacon Chairman Emeritus Ransom Miller Jr., felt that there was still something important our boys were missing…bonding/fellowship with dads and men. So he brought his thoughts to the brotherhood body. Deacon Chairman Emeritus Ransom Miller Jr. spearheaded this project. He began searching for a name for the young men. He came up with the name Special Interest Group (SIG). In 2011 the Special Interest Group was born. The age group is 6 – 18. The brotherhood began thinking of topics to teach the men and boys of the SIG.


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