Usher Ministry

PURPOSE:  Is to broaden, enlighten and inform persons of Christian Service in the church.  And prayerfully, generate enthusiasm, insight, and new ideas that will help lead others to Christ and promote a standard of excellence throughout the church and community.

OUR AIM:   Is to develop and promote better understanding, increase competence, learn to serve and strengthen our lives as Christian Servants.

OUR HOPE: Is that we will see the need to read our Bible and study it’s relationship to Spiritual growth in order to help others see Christ,  through witnessing, practicing and serving.

For Knowledge is power – and – Power is knowing Christ.


Shirley Featherstone – President

Denise Booker  – Vice President at Large

Mary Jackson – 1st Vice President

Rachelle Brison – Secretary

Ann Thomas – Social Chairperson

Thelma Stewart – Sunshine


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